Food Menu

Small Plates - Tapas

choose a few of these for your table to share

  • $18.00
  • Slow Cooked Pork 'Jamaican' - g/f d/f

    Rum'n'raisin, kumara frites

  • $18.00
  • Duck Confit g/f-can be made d/f

    Orange, cointreau jelly, red cabbage

  • $18.00
  • Roast Beetroot Apple Salad g/f d/f v

    Walnut, cranberry, garlic cashew cheese

  • $18.00
  • Tomato Tartare g/f d/f v

    Smoked Tomato water, basil oil

  • $18-00
  • Prawn Cutlets g/f

    Tomato chili jam, cucumber, avocado cream, buttermilk snow

  • $18.00
  • Seared Tuna g/f d/f

    Black sesame sponge, miso, compressed melon

  • $18.00
  • Soft Shell Crab g/f d/f

    Crab mousse, quinoa crisp, pineapple

  • $18 for 4
  • Clevedon Coast Oysters g/f

    Available Natural, Kilpatrick, Tempura or rockerfeller


Fish, must swim three times - in water, in butter, and in wine.

Medium Plates - Entrees

These can be ordered as a starter or as a small main course. If ordering as a main I would recommend including a side dish with your order

  • $26
  • Sword 'n' Sauce-ry

    Our signature dish. (2007 Monteiths beer & wild food challenge national winner)
    skewered scallop, prawn cutlet, king prawn, salmon & fresh fish
    flambéed with horopito & lime vodka served with dipping sauces

  • poa
  • Crayfish Tail

    Available Steamed, Mornay, Thermador or Rockefeller,
    Served with brioche, spiced nuts and salad

  • $40-00
  • Our Entry in the Silver Fern Farms Premier Selection Awards Trio of Silver Fern Farms Beef g/f

    Espresso crusted rare beef, braised rib, beef cheek
    Anna potato, pickled greens, port and cacao reduction


Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.

Large Plates - Mains

Our mains are complete meals. they can be complemented with sides as extras

  • $38-00
  • Market Fish g/f

    Tumeric mash, seasonal salad, carrot olive oil fondant

  • $38-00
  • Lamb Loin, Braised Shoulder g/f

    Kumara feta gnocchi, courgette, sweetcorn

  • $38-00
  • Scotch Fillet g/f - can be made d/f

    Potato confit, baby spinach, mole sauce

  • $38.00
  • Chicken Breast g/f d/f

    Pumpkin risotto, chared vegetables

  • Market Price
  • Crayfish gf

    Cooked mornay, thermidor, rockerfeller or steamed with butter

  • $38.00
  • Venison Loin, Braised Cheek g/f d/f

    Parsnip, parfait with liquorice and dark cherry sauces

  • $28.00
  • Vegetarian g/f d/f v

    Chargrilled seasonal vegetables, sesame miso dressing, onion cream panna cotta


Great to complement your meal or for your table to share.

  • $8-00
  • fries with garlic aioli
  • $8-00
  • Potato, leek, bacon gratin
  • $8-00
  • Steamed Vegetable Ribbons
  • Pear and rocket salad

When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life.


Sweet Indulgence

  • $24-00
  • Dessert Tasting Platter

    for those who just can't decide.
    A selection of tempting treats to tickle your taste buds

  • $18.00
  • Nectarine & Pear in Vanilla Chardonnay gf df v

    Coconut Vanilla Cream / Blueberry Compote

  • $18.00
  • Creme Brulee

    with seasonal fruit, meringue and kapiti ice cream

  • $18.00
  • Rich Chocolate Tart gf

    Chocolate Mousse / Dark Cherry / Cacao Nib

  • $18.00
  • Mango Mousse gf

    Syrup cake / frozen nougat / burnt coconut

  • $15.00
  • Icecream Sundae

    choice of
    chocolate, vanilla, or white chocolate & raspberry ice-cream
    brandied caramel, chocolate Kahlua or raspberry cointreau sauce